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About Us
V - Revive

V-Revive is a trading name of Helping Hands New Zealand Limited. A 100% kiwi owned and operated company.

We at V-Revive are constantly mindful of the quality of the products and services that we offer. We permanently innovate and release new products that seek the best solution to incorporate into our products.
Massage chairs and massage equipment are an investment towards our health and quality of life. This is why it’s our mission to be the best and to deliver our customers the best equipment and services.

We have adapted and integrated the technology into every operational aspect of our company, which strongly sets us apart.
As market leaders and a very well-trusted massage products retailer in New Zealand, we are proud to provide our products to our customers. 

Efficiency and high standards are the key to success for all of us. At V-Revive, we have expertise in relaxation products and we specialize in therapeutic massage chairs. The customer is the focus of our attention and we contribute to creating a healthier society.

Through technology and innovation, we invest value into our products and improve our customers’ quality of life.

Why Choose V-Revive
  • There is end number of reasons why we have an upper hand and we are proud to promote ourselves to every individual. V-revive being a customer-focused company emphasizes providing the customer with maximum satisfaction.
  • We have a strong team of individuals who are well educated, have in-depth knowledge of the products and all the benefits of massage and how to improve your daily lifestyle. The team was built over time and definitely gives us a competitive edge.
  • We at V-revive don’t finish our responsibility once the customer purchases the products, in fact, that is where our real work starts. We emphasize after-sale service and support. We are available for you 24×7. Yes, you read that correct, 24×7 throughout the year. We are just a phone call away when you need us.
  • We offer our customers numerous flexible payment options. Cash payments, Card payments, short-term interest-free plans, and long-term interest-free plans. We alter the payment plans as per your requirement so that you have the ease and you choose your own plans.
    Delivery of your product is as quick as it can be, we don’t let our customers wait weeks for delivery. We make sure that every order is shipped within 48 hours and reaches the customer within 1 week. In 90% of the cases, we transport the products in our own delivery vehicles using our own employees and yes all of this is free.
  • No shipping fees whatsoever.
  • Onsite support warranty makes your life easy, we don’t ask customers to pack their products and send them to us to get fixed just in case something happens to the products, however, we ask you to just give us a call so that our technicians can visit you at your address with 48-72 hours.
  • No call-out fee, no transport charges ever.