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Fuji is a massage chair that is in a league of its own with four intelligent 4D massaging arms that are silent, adjustable, and moveable for a full back massage. Its several airbags simply hug your body for effective massage in the paravertebral muscle area. The armchair does a preliminary scan of its users using patented technology and adjusts to your height for an amazing cervical and reflexology massage.

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Product Description


Fuji will provide an unforgettable experience!
Fuji is a massage chair from the new V-Revive generation, equipped with 4 smart 4D massaging arms, which are silent, adjustable and mobile, to provide full back massage. Fuji uses the new 135 cm „L” massage system, being one of the models with the longest massage range. The rail length provides a full-body massage, from head to seat, close to the knee.

Fuji simply hugs your body with its multitude of airbags (shoulders, back, buttock, arms, legs)
The armchair uses a specific technology to perform a preliminary scanning of its users. Regardless of your height, this armchair will be adjusted accordingly for an exceptional cervical and reflexology massage.

Reflexology is a must-have
The Fuji massage chair is equipped with a reflexology function, with triple rollers for feet massage. This function is perfect for nervous centers stimulation. We recommend using the reflexology function for individuals complaining about leg pain or individuals who spend many hours standing.

Automatic calf support extension
Depending on the user’s height, the calf support is automatically extendable, with a 16 cm maximum extension, thus ensuring a full body massage, consistent with the height of every user.

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Fuji will become a beloved member of your family
Fuji has a set of smart and silent 4D mechanical hands. This outstanding mechanism can perform 6 massage types, with 5 intensity levels. These mechanical hands are useful, including, to detect the parameters of each user: shoulder height and position on the armchair.

You will definitely love the massage and relaxing mood provided by the Fuji massage chair!
Another argument supporting the chair’s ability to perform a customised massage is that the armchair’s technology allows you to adjust the massage mechanism. You can select the distance between the massage rollers, your preferred massage speed, you can select a deep nape massage, for instance, or you can use the rolling massage function to correct body posture.

Equipped with a heating system
The heating mechanism increases the massage effectiveness, warming you after a cold winter day or in air-conditioned rooms, during summer. With its embedded heating system, the Fuji Massage chair has become one of the most complex massage chairs on the market. The back heating function uses carbon fibre as infrared heating source.

Fuji is the massage chair you will always love
Fuji renders an impressive massage experience. This massage chair can relax you in a fantastic way – The technology is used to treat lumbar or cervical pain.


Airbag massage for shoulders
The airbags located in the shoulder area will help you be adequately seated in the armchair and rest your body on the backrest, for effective massage in the paravertebral muscle area.

Airbag massage for arms
Since it is equipped with airbags that follow the curves of the human arms, Fuji provides full massage of the arms. The airbags will relax and revive your arms and palms.

Airbag massage for feet
The legrest is supplied with airbags, for pressure massage of these areas.

Airbag massage for calves
The airbags of different sizes fully cover the calves, ankles, and feet, for an unforgettable experience. Activate the massage function using airbag compression to stimulate acupressure points. This function will relax the legs and you will feel a release of muscle tension.

Wireless and USB charging Function
Fuji’s arm rest is embedded with a wireless charging function where you can charge your phone while relaxong at the same time. It also consists of a USB port for more convenience, the same is hidden in order to maintain your chair’s asthetics.


Enjoy the services of a tireless masseur, familiar with:

  • 12 automatic programs-Have you ever had a variety of massage therapy from the comfort of a massage chair? Imagine yourself sitting in a massage chair with a variety of auto massage routines to choose from ranging from head to toe. With its 12 automatic programs, FUJI delivers you exactly that.
  • 6 massage types- Built to provide personalized types of massage with 6 different massage techniques consisting of shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, foot reflexology, heat massage, air compression massage that can be customized according to a person’s preference.
  • 5 intensity levels- Easily control the intensity of every massage with massage Chair Technology which gives 5 different intensities from gentle to vigorous massage and everything in between.

5 cm from the wall – Smart function for space saving
The armchair has been developed for smaller spaces, since it requires only 5 cm from the back wall when the massage chair is operating. The chair seat will slide forward without touching the back wall.

Pleasant appearance. Functional design
The dynamic shape of this chair has been chosen specifically based on the users’ need to save space in their homes. This model is ideal both for a house, as well as for an apartment or office, even with limited space

The massage chair scans your body and smartly adjusts itself
Fuji is equipped with an automatic shoulder detection system. This system performs a preliminary scanning before each massage session to detect the user’s height and weight, for a customised massage session.

4D roller system
Fuji has a set of 4D mechanical hands, moving upwards and downwards, also carrying out lateral movements. These mechanical hands are useful to detect the parameters of each user: weight and height.


LED Touch Screen Control Pad

A super LED touch screen equipped with the latest UI operating system that clearly shows every detail of massage programs with one-touch button control. It helps you draw down to the minutest of detail like the intensity level of heat & touch, and also enter into a different type of massage altogether i.e. ‘DEEP SHIATSU’. Suited best for office as well as home this also sets the mood as per your preference.


What is Zero Gravity?
This position will put you in a weightless state, allowing you to enjoy full relaxation. The new Fuji chair allows reclining to the ‘zero gravity’ positions.

Zero Gravity Positions
In ‘Zero Gravity’, the thighs and calves are positioned at the same level with the shoulders, horizontally. The body’s centre of gravity changes and the gravitational force is evenly distributed over the body. This is the ideal massage position. The time has come to experience the massage programs offered by this extraordinary armchair.


Integrated audio system.
Increase wellbeing!
You can either use a smartphone or a tablet to play music.
Connect the armchair to the phone, tablet or laptop, via Bluetooth. The Fuji massage chair is equipped with a set of speakers integrated in the backrest, allowing you to listen to your favourite music, via Bluetooth, for example, straight from your phone.

Do you have muscle aches?

Fuji Massage Chair releases muscle contractions
We recommend stretching the arms, back and legs, to activate bone regeneration, to release muscle tension and contractions. This stretch can be obtained using the massage airbags in the shoulder, arm and leg areas.
The Fuji massage chair has been designed for different users. It has 12 automatic massage programs, for quality massage, which meet different user expectations.

Product Specifications

Auto modes 12
Massage techniques Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Clapping, Tuina, Knocking
Rollers 4D
Control pad 7″ Touch Screen Tablet
Air bags 56
Weight capacity 210 Kgs
Speakers 3D Bluetooth surround speakers
Track 138cm SL Track
Heating Graphene heating on back and feet
Power supply 200w
Available color Blue
Warranty 36 Months
Shipping Free shipping nationwide