1. You read that correctly. Get your old chair and get up to $4000 off from the chair of your choice.
  2. Brand and size doesn’t matter
    • Yes, it does not matter what brand is the old chair, how old is it, and what is the size of the chair. We accept all models and help you upgrade to the latest technology and models
  3. Free pick up and delivery
    • Our delivery team will come to your house to pick up the old chair in whatever condition it is and replace it with the new upgraded model. No pickup or drop fees.
  4. Zero depreciation for 12 months
    • when you buy a chair from V-revive, we give you an option to upgrade to any other model for free. No depreciation cost is charged towards your existing model for the 1st year. Just pay the remaining balance and enjoy the latest technology
  5. Fresh Warranty
    • Every purchase renews your warranty. A fresh 3 years warranty is added to your chair starting from the date the chair gets delivered to your address
    • For more details, feel free to get in touch