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5 Reasons BPO Employees Should Use Massage Chairs

BPO employees, like those in regular offices, are subjected to a great deal of stress and pressure at work. Most BPOs employ more people than traditional offices, not to mention the varying shift schedules. The night shift is worked by the majority of BPOs around the world. Their body clock adjusts in this case, affecting their overall health and wellness. That is why purchasing massage chairs would be extremely beneficial.

Several call center and other business process outsourcing (BPO) employees have reported multiple health problems. People in this industry should have these issues because of the nature of their work. Aside from working the graveyard shift and dealing with shifting schedules, they answer calls from people from all walks of life seeking assistance with a variety of issues.

The nature of BPO employees’ work is to solve other people’s problems. As a result, every company must ensure that their working environment is friendly, healthy in general, and always prepared for any contingencies.

Cure & Prevent TechNeck

If you spend your entire workday in front of a computer, you’ve probably come across TechNeck. TechNeck is the result of staring at your phone or computer all day. Unfortunately, if you’re one of the many people who primarily use their devices for entertainment, you’ll take TechNeck with you. Regular massage therapy can alleviate vexing TechNeck symptoms and keep you pain-free at work.

When setting up their employees’ workstations, some BPO offices take posture for granted. Some work tables are too low, while others are too high, resulting in poor posture for workers who work for eight hours or more. TechNeck is a condition that can have long-term consequences for one’s overall health. As a result, a relaxing massage is essential to reducing the impact of this work-related health risk.

Good Employee Health

This flu season, at least one of your coworkers at the BPO may become ill. If they try to be super-employees and show up for work despite being sick, they will undoubtedly spread their illness throughout the office. A massage chair can help to improve circulation and strengthen your immune system while a coworker near your station sneezes, keeping the rest of the office healthy.

Helps With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when one of your arm’s major nerves becomes compressed at the level of your wrist. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is practically unavoidable for some people, particularly those who work in BPOs. Your job as a customer service or technical support representative requires you to tap on the keyboard for long periods, which increases your risk of developing this syndrome.

Most office workers and BPO employees do not have the time to take regular breaks or perform hand and wrist exercises that can alleviate their pain. Airbags in some massage chairs massage your forearms and wrists to relieve Carpal Tunnel symptoms. Massage chairs have also been shown to increase the productivity of workers who primarily use computers.

Prevents Varicose Veins

Sitting still all day can reduce blood flow, resulting in fluid buildup in your legs and ankles. The increased circulation provided by a massage chair to strengthen your immune system can also prevent fluid accumulation in your legs. Massage chairs can also help with your overall physical attractiveness.

Affordability & Accessibility

Hiring a private masseur to visit your company for a single day can be quite costly. Investing in massage chairs for BPO would be more cost-effective than hiring multiple people and paying them daily. Massage chairs can be placed strategically throughout the office by companies.

There will be no need to set up rooms to stock these chairs, which means significant savings.


Due to the stressful nature of their jobs, BPO employees, whether agents or those in managerial roles, deserve downtime. This fact necessitates the inclusion of massage chairs in BPO.

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