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The Fusion X Full Back Massager by v-Revive incorporates cutting-edge 4D Robo-Hand technology to provide optimal shoulder relief. It can effectively alleviate discomfort in your back muscles in as little as 15 minutes when used with heat.

A relaxing Eye Stimulation that refreshes your eyes with a massage that uses a gentle blend of air compression, trigger point comfort, and melodic comfort to target your acupoints and which can be used anywhere.

Our feet are the ones that bear the brunt of our body weight, so it’s critical that we look after them.


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Robo Grip Massage
The Robo-Grip operates with exceptional precision, conforming to your body’s contours to deliver a massage experience that closely resembles human touch, focusing on both your shoulders and lumbar region. With its innovative massage technology offering two distinct techniques, it promises a limitless source of gratifying massage sensations. The Robo-Grip Technology specializes in delivering the most precise Press-Grip massage you can imagine.
For neck and shoulders
Crafted with a specially designed hand-grip massage technique to effectively alleviate stiffness in the neck and untangle muscle knots.

It closely follows the contours of your shoulders, precisely targeting areas of discomfort.


Its primary function is to relieve tension and alleviate strain, providing much-needed relief.
Select from one of four intelligent modes, each with its unique massage vibration frequency, temperature settings, and music setup.

Designed to give you an eye-soothing experience, Vision pro is a device that is handy for IT professionals and users having a high intensity of exposure to screens. 

It has a soft inner layer of cotton cloth with built-in heating motors to provide a soothing experience to the user. It can almost provide you with instant eye muscle tension from excess work and stress, otherwise.

Vibration Eye Massager at a Glance

Intelligent Air Pressure Kneading

Ergonomic 360° Full-Fit

Constant Temperature Hot Compress

Multi-frequency Vibration Massage

Stimulated Point Massage

Built-in Bluetooth Music

High Capacity LG Battery

Foldable Design for Portability

4 Intelligent Modes; Eye Protection, Nursing, High-power, and Refreshing

Technology is often the main reason for our stress, thanks to v-foot pro- not anymore.

V-Foot Pro revolutionizes the equation: our research and development department puts technology at the service of your health and wellbeing. No stress!

Specifically designed to cater to elderly and senior citizens, V-foot pro is easy to operate and start the machine, which not only provides relaxation but also a sense of completion after the complete massage therapy.

Targeted Reflexology Massage

We have introduced the v-foot pro keeping everything in mind. The v-foot pro focuses on the traditional style of reflexology. The v-foot pro especially works and focuses on the pressure points and stimulates blood flow and releases stress.

V-Foot pro delivers a strong sole massage and is capable of relieving your sole pain, while it stimulates your feet’s reflex zones to heal body ailments and aches.

Reflexology Benefits
Improves body Circulation

Since its inception, humankind has been taught and known that the feet massage in the right fashion leads to increased blood circulation in the lower limbs.

Release Endorphins

This massage is intended for the secretion of endorphins, the chemical produced by the body to relieve stress and pain.

Release stress

The natural massage therapy – “foot massage” is designed to circulate more blood, thereby releasing extra stress and overall body tension.

Helps get rid of swollen feet

Due to elongated walk, one might have stiffness in the feet which can be released by this mode of foot massage.

Improves health

The overall body functionality in terms of blood circulation, digestion, and muscle relaxation depends on the degree of good blood circulation which is naturally enhanced by v foot pro thereby, leading to good health.

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