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The Fusion X Full Back Massager by v-Revive incorporates cutting-edge 4D Robo-Hand technology to provide optimal shoulder relief. It can effectively alleviate discomfort in your back muscles in as little as 15 minutes when used with heat.

A portable massage chair that is lightweight and compatible with most chairs. This compact mobile body massager includes synchronized ergonomic rollers designed for the neck and back.


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Robo Grip Massage
The Robo-Grip operates with exceptional precision, conforming to your body’s contours to deliver a massage experience that closely resembles human touch, focusing on both your shoulders and lumbar region. With its innovative massage technology offering two distinct techniques, it promises a limitless source of gratifying massage sensations. The Robo-Grip Technology specializes in delivering the most precise Press-Grip massage you can imagine.
For neck and shoulders
Crafted with a specially designed hand-grip massage technique to effectively alleviate stiffness in the neck and untangle muscle knots.

It closely follows the contours of your shoulders, precisely targeting areas of discomfort.


Its primary function is to relieve tension and alleviate strain, providing much-needed relief.
For shoulder blades and lumber

Delivering a deep and pinpointed massage, it focuses on addressing stiffness in the lower back.

It employs a technique of pressing and gliding along the lumbar area to alleviate pressure and tension in your back.
This massage technique is particularly effective for soothing aching backs resulting from extended periods of sitting.
The deep kneading thermal rollers rotate and protrude, providing a 4D deep tissue massage experience that effectively soothes the neck, shoulders, and extends all the way down to your lumbar and lower back.
Complete Heating Solution
In the Fusion X, natural and comforting warmth spreads across your entire back. This gentle heat helps relax stiff muscles and joints, allowing you to fully experience the therapeutic benefits of the massage. Additionally, it enhances your overall comfort, promoting a deeper sense of relaxation as you unwind.
The comforting Thermo rollers integrated into the Fusion X embrace your entire back, gently easing tension in your muscles and joints, ensuring that you can fully enjoy the complete therapeutic advantages of the massage. Furthermore, they generate soothing warmth that enhances your comfort and ushers you into a deeper state of relaxation.
Mobile and easy to use
The Fusion X offers a unique pressure point simultaneous massage experience. Its synchronized ergonomic massage rollers effectively target both the neck and back simultaneously. Additionally, the massage seat includes a vibration mode that provides therapeutic sensations, extending from the lower thighs up to the neck.
For added convenience, the Fusion X is equipped with an expandable back strap, specially designed to secure the massage seat to various chair types at home, allowing you to enjoy a revitalizing massage anytime and anywhere.
Major features
The Fusion X offers a range of customizable features for your massage experience:
You can adjust the massage speed to your liking.
You have the ability to regulate the massage height limit in four different stages.
4D Massage
This innovative technology allows the massage robot to move not only up and down but also back and forth, enhancing the massage experience.
Automatic Programs
 Specially designed full-body automatic programs offer a variety of massage techniques. You can optionally activate the heat function for added comfort.
Jade Heat
Integrating natural jade into the massage heads provides deep warmth, promoting relaxation.
Point Massage
The massage heads are capable of selectively targeting specific pressure points on your body.
Vibration evenly stimulates different body regions, promoting circulation in the tissues and providing a soothing effect.
You can adjust the distance between the massage heads, choosing from narrow, medium, and wide settings to suit your preference.
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