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Introducing the new V-Revive Grand Royal, the latest designed technology, the coolest in its class! A whole new level of massage experience with its unique sleek supercar design, built with advanced AI technology! It provides endless comfort of AI Vitec humanized massage technology with 875 unique combinations.

V-Revive’s Grand Royal massage chair can be placed in any area at home from your living room to your bedroom, making a presence of premium, comfortable, and prestige to the eyes. V-Revive aspires to convey the Brilliance of Wellness with an emphasis on innovation & extraordinary AI Technology for both comfort and experience.

  • 3 Years on-site warranty + 2 years after sales service.
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Additional Info
Amazing Feel and Visual Experience
Wear-Resistant Material

In the production of the massage chair, durable eco-leather is utilized. This material is scratch and abrasion-resistant, as well as moisture-resistant.

Long-Lasting Fabric

The fabric used in the area of the legs and arms has a particular composition added to it that protects it from the creation of pellets.


Massage is pleasurable and aids in the generation of the happy hormone. After work, just 20 minutes a day will allow you to unwind and get your body and mind in order.

Grand Royal will turn your home into a haven of serenity and tranquillity.

Massage that feels like doing with hand

Massage rollers with improved touch sensors allow you to customize the speed and degree of impact while taking into account your anatomical features.

The rollers now move not only in three planes (up/down, right/left, forward/backward), but also in a rhythm that changes with the user’s anatomical features and muscle tension, as well as the pace of the “move” of the rollers and the force of contact.

Massage carriage with a longer duration

The SL-shaped massage carriage, paired with the clever massage mechanism, precisely matches the body’s curves. The 1250 mm extra-long massage system massages the full length of the spine up to the gluteal muscles, providing a pleasant massage.

Feels and adjusts to your body in a subtle way

The first step in getting a good massage is to do a comprehensive body scan. The chair determines the position of your neck and shoulders, your height, and the curve of your spine before the session.

Massage that is relaxing and healing

Even those with a high sensitivity to massage can feel at ease in this chair. The chair’s mechanisms are so quiet that they are almost undetectable. With the following two impressive features:

Sensitive Equipment

Not only will you be in a better state after the session, but you will also be able to rest during it.

Zero discomforts

You will experience a comfortable massage from your neck to your feet on this chair.

We know time is a luxury to you and you don’t want to be customizing your same daily massage routine when you can save it all.

Now, feel the power of a contactless and voice-controlled massage chair with options to personalize a set of custom massage patterns to enhance your comfort with up to ten memory slots.

Massage That’s 360 Degree

Circular heating of the feet, aided by 360 warm foot massage technology, increases blood flow and boosts the massage’s calming impact. 

Four compression pads on both sides of the foot deliver an alternate squeezing massage that simulates a human hand’s forward and backward kneading massage.

Surround Sound That Envelops

Built-in stereo speakers allow you to immerse yourself in a relaxing environment while listening to your favorite music

Legs& Ankles Traction
Heat Therapy

Heat has long been used to reduce pain and muscle strain. It aids in boosting blood flow to the injured area. Additionally, it might alleviate muscle spasms and improve the range of motion and flexibility. The use of cold treatment reduces inflammation.

The control panel gives you the ability to:

Change your exposure technique and massage the affected area.

Change the 3D massage and air cushion intensity

Activate or deactivate the roller foot massage.

Adjust the position of your neck, footrest, and seat.

10 Points Body Sensing System

There are 10 most crucial sensory points which connect the spine at the back. The ancient Japanese technique of body massage used to use the 10 points of sensory massage to relieve special muscle pains and body stress.

Grand Royal is quipped to mimic the exact human binding sensation and reach out to the exact pressure points at the back with its advanced AI sense technology and advanced motor rollers to enhance your experience.

From the comfort of your own home, be transported to a tropical beach.

The rocking chair’s unique feature will allow you to feel the gently rocking, as if you were on the waves, and attain complete relaxation.

More features that pay attention to every detail

  • Smartphone charging through USB port
  • Quick Access Toolbar
Product Specifications
Model NameV-Revive Grand Royal
DimensionUpright: 162cm (L) x 83cm (W) x 124cm (H) Reclined: 194cm (L) x 83cm (W) x 112cm (H)
Safety StructureClass I
Voltage220-240V — 50Hz/60Hz
Voice ControlYes
Weight CapacityApprox. 150 Kgs
Speakers3D Bluetooth surround speakers
HeatingGraphene heating on back and feet
Power Supply150W
Available ColorRoyal Blue, Black, and Brown
Warranty36 Months
ShippingFree Shipping Nationwide


Additional Info

Black, Brown, Royal Blue



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