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Stress, despite its invisibility, can have a negative impact on your sleep quality, create weariness, and prevent you from achieving your dreams. Sasaki helps you sleep better by relaxing your mind and body. After every massage session, it leaves you feeling energized and motivated to continue chasing your dreams.

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AI based Body Vital Scanning

The first of its kind chair with artificial intelligence that will automatically detect your height, shoulder breadth, and weight and adjust the rollers to the proper position, making it perfect for the entire family of various sizes.

Real-time monitoring and data on the user’s overall health.


Due to the advanced AI technology, Sasaki is now capable of capturing your accurate pulse with its enhanced body scanning feature.

Oxygen Concentration

Simultaneously, it let you know your oxygen levels in the body.

The flow of blood

This is one of the most important features as the level of flow of blood in the targeted muscle lets the machine know where exactly muscle tension is building up in the body. Hence, providing accurate solutions for the same.

Discover the features of a massage chair that knows:

12 massage programs that work automatically 

This machine is embedded with 12 unique programs specifically designed for different body types and their requirements such as the stretch program, the health booster program, and various others.

5 Massage Methods

The nature of the chair is itself designed to cater to the five fundamental body muscles such as the neck, upper back, lower back, extending to hips, thighs, and calves.

Advance 6 Rollers Technology

The only massage chair with a 4D massage robot, which uses six rollers on an extra-long massage rail. This is required for a precise body scan!

The massage chair is equipped with six heated ceramic rollers that will benefit your entire back. The 6 distinct rollers in the Sasaki Massage chair ensure a more thorough and in-depth massage, creating a human-like massage experience. Each of the six rollers helps you move more freely and comfortably. The massage session helps with healing from injuries and pain by removing lactic acid, breaking up scar tissue and adhesions between the skin, muscles, and bones, and breaking up scar tissue and adhesions between the skin, muscles, and bones.

Sasaki offers an optimum zero-gravity experience to its users.

It is engineered in a fashion that can be compact as well as efficient at the same time. The intelligent space-saving function is 5 cm from the back wall because the massage chair is designed for small spaces, it only requires 5 cm of clearance from the back wall when in use.

Using two pistons and the all-new Smart Glide system, the massage chair goes into multiple Zero Gravity modes.

Control panel with a 7-inch LED Touchscreen.

An enlarged viewpoint gives the user precise information and body vital knowledge during the zero-gravity mode and is also feasible for elderly users as the 7 inches led control panel provides crisp and clear information and maneuvrability at the same time. 

this makes the complete control system of Sasaki more convenient and user-friendly.

USB Connector

The built-in 7-inch LED control panel on the Sasaki allows you to customize your massage experience. The USB port can also be used to charge your phone.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Music.

Sasaki has an internet wifi connection that offers online updates and lets you enjoy your massage while listening to your favorite playlist. Now, users can customize the different massage programs with their preference for music. 

The embedded Bluetooth speakers in the massage chair provide complete surround sound effects and a high quality experience at the same time.

Monitoring system for a pulse, oxygen levels, and microcirculation

Because of its real-time monitoring and information on the user’s health, Sasaki is revolutionary.

What does it mean to be in a state of zero gravity?

You experience complete relaxation by allowing you to enter a state of weightlessness.

There are two Zero Gravity modes on the Sasaki Massage Chair.

The Zero Gravity modes are described below.

Your thighs and calves will be at the same level as your shoulders when you activate Zero Gravity.

The gravitational force is distributed evenly throughout your body as your body’s centre of gravity shifts.

This is the best position for receiving a massage.

This is your chance to try out the massage programmes that this incredible chair has to offer.

What exactly is a full-body massage?

A full-body massage is designed to cater to some of the crucial muscles of your body through the help of air pillows. Traditional massage chairs were equipped to handle the back muscle tension of an individual. 

Now, with Sasaki’s air pillow technology, one can enjoy a greater depth of massage therapy with a luxurious experience simultaneously.

What is Reflexotherapy?

The Sasaki Massage Chair has the reflexotherapy function, using triple rollers for your soles – perfect for nerve center stimulation.

Reflexotherapy is absolutely necessary. We recommend reflexotherapy for people suffering from leg pain and people that spend a lot of time standing up.

Kneading and Rolling in one Chair

Sasaki performs both kneading and rolling simultaneously. Kneading massage compresses tight muscle tissues and underlying bones in a rotational action, allowing underlying muscle fibers to be mobilized and stretched.

The skin and muscles slide forward in a rolling press and glide motion, relieving pressure, especially in the back and lumbar area, and calming the nervous system, bringing the body into a quiet and harmonious state.

Calf Kneading

The leg rest is made to completely encircle your calves. The Sasaki device has a knead function that allows you to get a complete massage with high performance and efficiency.

Product Specifications
Auto modes18
Massage techniquesKneading, Knocking, Tapping, Kneading + Tapping, Shiatsu
Control pad7″ Touch Screen Tablet
Air bags68
Voice controlYes
Weight capacity220 kg
Speakers3D Bluetooth surround speakers
HeatingGraphene heating on back, knees and feet
Track138cm SL track
Power supply200w
Available colorWhite , Black
Warranty36 Months
ShippingFree shipping nationwide


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Black, White



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