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The primary objective of a massage chair is to not only replicate but also exceed the effectiveness of professional human massage techniques. Achieving this goal requires the emulation of human hand movements and the enhancement of massage techniques beyond what humans can offer.

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Striving for a level of “massage comfort surpassing human hands,” V-Revive has specifically crafted the Sasaki model in New Zealand. The journey began with studying the techniques of top masseuses and conducting ongoing research on the intricate movements of human hands. Eventually, this dedicated effort resulted in the successful development of a mechanism featuring both first and second finger joints.
Revolutionary AI Robotic Tech

The crucial element is the rhythmic aspect of movement. When a skilled massage practitioner administers a massage, the rhythm adapts to factors such as muscle stiffness, individual physical conditions, and overall constitution. The massage is tailored to address stiff muscles not just with force, but also by penetrating deeply and slowly. 

Once the stiffness is alleviated, the technique shifts to rhythmic movements. As in any industry, there exists a spectrum of proficiency among professional massage practitioners, attributed to differences in technique.

While humans can modulate their hand movements through cognitive intelligence, the Sasaki massage chair goes beyond. It excels in mastering and replicating subtle movements, akin to a professional massage practitioner. This is achieved through a hybrid of mechanical components and artificial intelligence. The result is the realization of “massage comfort” that surpasses what human hands can provide.

Advanced 6 Roller Technology

Sasaki has integrated cutting-edge 6-roller technology; a revolutionary feature designed to specifically target and encompasses every part of the body, including pressure points. This innovative technology ensures a comprehensive and thorough massage experience, effectively addressing various areas and points across the body for enhanced relaxation and relief.

Shoulders :

Delivering a targeted massage to the muscles surrounding the shoulder blades, where tension tends to accumulate, involves a meticulous and deep approach. The technique includes oblique movements along the shoulder blades, addressing stiffness effectively.

Securing the shoulders firmly, our innovative mechanism strategically stimulates shiatsu points. The mechanism unit applies a strong, pushing force from behind to ensure proper stimulation of shiatsu points. Additionally, our proprietary technology engages the front, holding the top of the shoulders, complementing the traditional lateral direction through the force of air. This replicates the experience of a massage practitioner who skillfully massages while firmly holding the shoulders.

Deep Neck Massage :

Securing the base of the neck, Sasaki employs a shiatsu-like kneading technique with significant pressure. This approach extends to the crest of the neck, providing a massage that not only relieves stiffness but also involves gentle stretching as the head is tilted. The result is a comprehensive and rejuvenating experience for the deep layers of the neck muscles.

AI Precise Body Scan

To provide the optimal massage experience tailored to individual needs, we’ve introduced a system that empowers you with control over every aspect of your session. Intelligent height scanning is conducted before the massage begins, allowing Sasaki to easily accommodate individuals up to 7 feet in height.

Following this, the system assesses the width between the shoulders, ensuring that the massage rollers’ strokes are exceptionally precise over a length of up to 138 cm. With the assistance of AI, Sasaki can deliver a massage experience that is both gentle and deep, offering customization through 7 adjustable levels to cater to your unique preferences.

Health Scan

Integrated into the massage chair is a digital sensor located on the left arm, designed to swiftly detect the user’s health status. Within mere seconds of initiating a program, the system actively identifies various health metrics, including microcirculation, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. These metrics serve as the foundation for customizing the massage experience to the specific needs of the individual. By leveraging real-time health data, the massage chair ensures a personalized and adaptive massage that aligns with your unique requirements.

22 Preset Modes

Sasaki presents a dynamic 4D massage experience, offering adjustability across 7 different levels. With a diverse range of 22 automatic programs, grouped into 5 general categories, Sasaki ensures there’s an ideal setting for everyone. Popular category settings include Smart Massages, Toning Massages, General Relaxation Massages, and Personalized Massages. A 4D massage, in this context, extends its reach to both the surface of the skin and deep within muscles and body tissues.

Here are the 20 preset massage programs available with the Sasaki Massage chair:

Master Mode

Neck & Shoulder Bliss

Lower Back Relief

Full Back Soothe

Deep Tissue Therapy

Waist & Hip Comfort

Stretch and Flex
Upper Body Revitalize

Gentle Relaxation

Athletic Recovery

Lumbar & Hip Release

Refreshing Leg and Foot

Full Body Rejuvenation

Text Neck

Japanese Massage

Deep-Kneading Bliss

Chinese Massage

Relaxing Sleep Aid

Office regimen

Thai Massage

Yoga Stretch

Elder Care

The built-in 7-inch LED control panel on the Sasaki allows you to customize your massage experience. The USB port can also be used to charge your phone.

11 Massage Techniques

The built-in 7-inch LED control panel on the Sasaki allows you to customize your massage experience. The USB port can also be used to charge your phone.


Patting I


Kneading and Tapping

Finger Pressing I

Finger Pressing II

Shoulder Grasp

4D I


Rolling III


Each technique is carefully designed to address specific areas and aspects of the body, offering a comprehensive and customizable massage experience tailored to individual preferences and therapeutic needs.

Foot Reflexology

In the initial phase, the Sasaki massage chair promptly adjusts to the user’s size and weight, facilitated by the integral scanning function. Another noteworthy feature contributing to this adaptability is the ability to extend the footrest. This advanced full-body massage chair seamlessly incorporates automatic adjustments to the footrest, enhancing the overall comfort and tailored experience for the user.

Moving forward, the Reflexology foot massage feature in the Sasaki chair provides instant relief from fatigue that may result from a day of standing or vigorous exercise. Reflexotherapy, an integral part of this process, effectively stimulates the central nervous system, promoting overall enhanced bodily function.

Sasaki’s innovative design incorporates inbuilt 3D roller plates specifically designed for reflexology. These rollers cover the entire span from the tips of the fingers to the heel. Simultaneously, airbags envelop the foot, applying gentle pressure, while the rollers meticulously target every pressure point. The result is an unparalleled foot massages experience, ensuring ultimate relaxation and relief.

Calves Kneading and Rollers

Sasaki seamlessly combines kneading and rolling actions in its massage functionality. The kneading massage involves compressing tight muscle tissues and underlying bones in a rotational manner, facilitating the mobilization and stretching of underlying muscle fibers. This dual-action technique effectively addresses muscle tension.

The rolling press and glide motion work in tandem to slide the skin and muscles forward. This action, especially concentrated in the back and lumbar area, alleviates pressure and induces a calming effect on the nervous system, ushering the body into a quiet and harmonious state.

The leg rest, thoughtfully designed to encircle the calves completely, incorporates a knead function, providing a comprehensive and highly efficient massage experience.

Moreover, there is an additional set of rollers positioned behind the calves, persistently rubbing against the calves from the back. This specialized feature not only contributes to overall relaxation but also aids in addressing specific issues such as cramps and varicose veins.


Zero Gravity

The idea of zero gravity finds its roots in space exploration, where astronauts encounter weightlessness in the vastness of space. When applied to massage chairs, zero gravity denotes a reclined position that evenly distributes the user’s body weight, creating a sensation akin to floating.

Achieving the zero gravity position in massage chairs typically involves reclining the chair to elevate the user’s legs to the same level as or higher than their heart. This configuration aims to alleviate strain on the spine and joints, fostering a feeling of relaxation and comfort, often associated with a sense of lightness and reduced pressure on the body.

Modern massage chairs with zero gravity functionality integrate advanced technology to offer an immersive and therapeutic experience. These chairs are engineered to replicate the manual techniques employed by professional massage therapists, incorporating various methods like kneading, rolling, tapping, and shiatsu. These techniques target distinct muscle groups, working to relieve tension and stress.

The advantages of using zero gravity massage chairs encompass several aspects:

Spinal Alignment

The reclined position contributes to aligning the spine and reducing pressure on the vertebrae, potentially improving posture and mitigating back pain.

Improved Blood Circulation

 Elevating the legs aids in enhancing blood circulation throughout the body, potentially reducing swelling and supporting overall cardiovascular health.

Muscle Relaxation

The combination of the zero gravity position and diverse massage techniques facilitates muscle relaxation, addressing tension and stiffness.

Stress Reduction

The feeling of weightlessness and the gentle massage movements collectively contribute to a heightened sense of relaxation, potentially reducing stress and enhancing mental well-being.

Customizable Massage Programs

Many zero gravity massage chairs offer customizable settings, enabling users to tailor their massage experience according to their preferences and specific needs.

Dual Control

Immerse yourself in pure relaxation as your voice takes the reins with the Sasaki Massage Chair. This state-of-the-art chair introduces an intelligent voice recognition system, granting you hands-free control and eliminating the need to fumble for buttons or remotes. Simply command the chair to make adjustments, select specific massage programs, or request particular massage techniques, and witness the chair seamlessly respond to your every directive

For those who prefer a more tactile interface, the Morning Star Massage Chair goes a step further by featuring an LCD touchscreen tablet control panel. This intuitive control center allows for effortless customization as you navigate through a diverse array of massage programs, fine-tuning settings to align with your unique preferences. The user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience, offering you complete control over your massage session. Whether you opt for the convenience of voice commands or the hands-on approach with the touchscreen, both options cater to your individual preferences, ensuring a truly personalized and indulgent massage experience.

Surround Music System

Elevate your relaxation to a whole new level by intertwining music with your most significant moments, all made possible with the Sasaki Massage Chair’s Bluetooth functionality. Now, you can safely enjoy your favorite music while indulging in your chosen massage programs.

The Sasaki stands out with its top-notch acoustic playback system, boasting strategically positioned speakers that deliver an exceptional listening experience, right by your ears. As you unwind and savor your massage, the chair’s professional audio and 3D surround system come into play, meticulously designed to take you on a multisensory journey of relaxation and tranquility. Immerse yourself fully by effortlessly connecting the chair’s speakers to any Bluetooth device.

This unique feature empowers you to curate the perfect ambiance for your massage, seamlessly blending the soothing power of the massage with the harmonious tones of your chosen music. The result is a truly immersive and blissful experience, where the union of massage and music creates a seamless and harmonious retreat for your senses. Let the Sasaki Massage Chair redefine your relaxation experience, offering a perfect blend of therapeutic touch and the soothing sounds of your preferred music.

Yoga Stretch

While massage chairs primarily focus on mechanical massage techniques, Sasaki is designed to incorporate stretching functionalities that mimic yoga movements. Here’s how Sasaki’s yoga stretches can be integrated into your daily life

Spinal Twist Stretch
  • Sasaki can gently twist the user’s torso from side to side, mimicking a spinal twist commonly found in yoga.
  • This movement helps to release tension in the back and improve spinal flexibility.
Forward Fold Stretch
  • Sasaki can simulate a forward fold by gently inclining the user forward, stretching the back and hamstrings.
  • This stretch promotes flexibility in the spine and relieves tension in the lower back.
Neck and Shoulder Stretch
  • Sasaki can perform gentle kneading and rolling motions to target the neck and shoulders; mimicking yoga stretches for these areas.
  • This helps alleviate tension in the neck and shoulders, common areas of tightness.
Cobra Stretch
  • Sasaki is designed to arch the user’s back, providing a stretch similar to the yoga cobra pose.
  • This movement can help open up the chest and stretch the abdominal muscles.
Seated Forward Bend
  • Sasaki inclines forward, creating a stretch similar to the seated forward bend in yoga.
  • This movement targets the hamstrings and lower back.


Flex Rail Motion Frame System

Certainly, the Sasaki massage chair stands out prominently, thanks to its remarkable FLEX194 technology. This innovative feature takes the effectiveness of its stretching massages to a whole new level. The primary advantage of FLEX194 lies in its ability to facilitate an impressive folding angle of up to 194 degrees between the seat and the backrest.

This extraordinary range allows for a more extensive and efficient stretching experience compared to conventional massage chairs. The groundbreaking FLEX194 technology enables the Sasaki massage chair to provide users with a uniquely immersive stretching massage. By allowing for such a wide folding angle, the chair can effectively target a broader range of muscles and facilitate a deeper stretch. This not only enhances the overall effectiveness of the massage but also contributes to a more comprehensive and satisfying relaxation experience for the user.

In essence, the standout feature of the Sasaki massage chair, the FLEX194 technology, sets it apart by offering an exceptional degree of flexibility and adaptability in its stretching capabilities. Users can benefit from a massage experience that goes beyond the standard, providing a more thorough and rejuvenating stretch for improved well-being and relaxation.

Air Bags

Sasaki provides a unique and therapeutic experience by using airbags to apply pressure and compression to various parts of the body. Here’s how airbag massage works in the Sasaki

Distribution of Airbags
  • Sasaki is equipped with airbag technology. We have strategically placed airbags throughout the chair, targeting specific areas such as the shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, calves, and feet.
Inflation and Deflation
  • The airbags inflate and deflate in a rhythmic manner, simulating the kneading and compression techniques used in traditional massage therapy.
  • This inflation and deflation cycle helps to gently compress and release muscles, promoting improved blood circulation and reducing tension.
Variety of Techniques
  • Different massage techniques can be achieved by adjusting the intensity, speed, and sequence of the airbag inflation and deflation.
  • These techniques may include kneading, squeezing, rolling, and pulsing, providing a customizable and versatile massage experience.
Full-Body Coverage
  • Airbag massage is designed to offer full-body coverage, ensuring that multiple muscle groups are targeted simultaneously.
  • This comprehensive approach contributes to an overall sense of relaxation and relief.
Complementary Features
  • Sasaki with airbag technology includes additional features, such as heat therapy and rubbing, to enhance the massage experience further.
Customizable Settings
  • Users typically have the option to customize the airbag massage settings according to their preferences, adjusting the intensity and focus areas.
Relaxation and Stress Reduction
  • Airbag massage aims to alleviate muscle stiffness, reduce stress, and promote relaxation, making it a valuable component of a massage chair’s overall functionality.
Scratch Resistant

With a remarkable 99% scratch resistance, concerns about scratches and wear and tear are a thing of the past. Our chairs at V-Revive boast an innovative combination of anti-scratch carbon fiber and metal, ensuring durability and longevity even in the face of daily use.

As Kiwis, we understand the love and companionship our pets bring into our lives. It’s quite common to have a playful kitty testing its claws on the chair or a puppy exploring the world with a bit of fabric chewing. Recognizing this common scenario, we at V-Revive have prioritized this issue and taken proactive steps to address it. We’ve chosen only the finest fabrics and materials, specifically selected to withstand such challenges.

Our commitment to creating the best chair that not only meets but exceeds expectations is evident in the meticulous selection of materials that make our chairs highly resistant to scratches and damage. So, whether it’s a furry friend leaving its mark or the regular wear and tear of daily life, rest assured that your V-Revive chair is designed to stand up to the test of time and maintain its aesthetic appeal.

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