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V-Revive is proud to present the all-new Master-Supreme ‘Shujin Pod Pro’. This high-tech massage chair ushers in a new era of relaxation and tranquility. It features cutting-edge technology such as AI 4D Ultra High Definition Back Rollers, calf kneading and rubbing, 4D thermo massage rollers, thigh, and calf shaking to alleviate muscle tension.

4D massage rollers that work on an adaptive SL track, 3 Plate foot rollers, zero gravity, double heat, and many more. Its 62 airbags will gently rub and massage your muscles to improve your stiff and sore muscles.

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Massage is a luxury, and with luxury comes great comfort. You have the option of choosing from 24 pre set programs, 8 different massage techniques, and all new AI 4D massage technology.

Do you experience pain, aches, tight muscles, neck pain, and stiffness? Shujin Pod Pro is now the chair that can exactly handle all these pain areas and provide you with ultimate relaxation. It features programs that scan your full body and is designed for people who are even taller than 1.90 meters. Shujin Pod Pro can be adjusted to your liking, and the 4D thermo massage rollers provide an excellent massage to your body and give you the precise massage that you needed. Your legs, feet, neck, and lumbar region can all be massaged while sitting in the Shujin Pod Pro. Using 4D technology, the paravertebral muscles are rejuvenated, and the heating system can be used to relax the muscles further.

High-Tech Heating System

The latest Graphene heating technology is safer and more efficient. The Graphene layer is composed of 100% carbon, which avoids infrared radiation and enables quick and even heating. Thermo therapy improves the overall massage experience

The thermotherapy technology relaxes the tissues around blood vessels and capillaries. This relaxing effect increases blood circulation to the surrounding muscle tissue. In turn Nutrients and oxygen is supplied to the body to aid in the recovery process. It also improves mobility, and range of motion and increases flexibility.

Ultra Air Cushion Comfort with Palm Reflexology

The air cushions mold to the body, contour, and massage them thoroughly. After receiving this form of massage, your muscles will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

The leg rest of Shujin Pod Pro can extend up to 20 cm. The sensors in the foot massager scan the size and length of the feet. This ensures that everyone, regardless of height, receives a thorough massage.

Reflexology Restores Body’s Natural Functions

Foot massage will instantly relieve the fatigue that follows through a day of standing or strenuous exercise. Reflexotherapy stimulates the central nervous system of the body so that it functions better, and Shujin Pod Pro uses its foot reflexology with its 3 plates 3D massage rollers.

Reflexology is a sort of massage that helps people feel more rested right away. 3D roller plates are used for reflexology, and the leg support can be altered to fit people of different heights. We advise using the reflexology feature if you have sore feet, get cramps, suffer from poor blood circulation, or spend a lot of time standing.

It is a comprehensive experience that lets you choose exactly what you want to accomplish with its 24 automatic 4D massage modes. With 24 pre set auto modes and multiple massage techniques, you can choose and select your preferred one based on the time of day, and the intensity you desire or program it to concentrate on a particular body region.

A Tablet With Customizable Massage and Lighting Features

Your custom massage session can be saved for your comfort. Additionally, your massage chairs fast charging capability keeps your phone charged while you enjoy your massage. The ambiance is even more tranquil with the dim lighting the chair provides.

You have the choice to alter the message’s intensity at any time along with its progression with the 4D Joystick in Shujin Pod Pro. Depending on your preferences and mood, you can select a gentle, medium, or strong massage by pressing one of the quick buttons on your 4D Joystick.

You may adjust every aspect of the massage and modify the programmes using the built-in control panel on the right arm of the chair.

Too relaxed, that good

Don’t use your fingers; just activate the chair using voice commands.

Zero Gravity Is The Best Way To Unwind

The Shujin Pod Pro massage chair’s anti-gravity technology enables you to relax in such a way that the body’s center of gravity remains intact during your massage session. Moreover, it lets your body transform and get into the most optimum massage position of 180 degrees for that exclusive and relaxing experience.

A Smart Function That Saves Space

With the space saver technology, Shujin Pod Pro just needs to be 2 cm away from the wall. The chair will advance to a zero gravity position without touching the wall when in use.

A System With Negative Ions

The immune system, focus, and productivity of the entire body will benefit from using the negative ions feature from the tablet.

Voice Command

You may now activate and instruct your chair to perform multiple massage techniques by communicating with it. Use the voice commands listed on the tablet to operate the massage program for maximum relaxation.

An Audio System Built-In

Enjoy a full 4D experience with a built-in 3D surround sound system, just connect your phone to the massage chair’s Bluetooth system and relax. The backrest speakers with rhythmic lights can be used for streaming, thereby making your overall massage experience a unique one.

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