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Amazing Benefits of Head & Scalp Massage & Using a Massager

A healthy scalp leads to healthy good hair. And giving yourself a scalp massage is an easy way to get started on the path to your best strands yet. Aside from feeling great, incorporating head massage into your daily routine provides a slew of benefits that go far beyond simply promoting healthy hair. In this blog, we have tried to list the benefits of regular scalp massages.

Scalp Massage Advantages

A regular scalp massage routine boosts your hair’s natural beauty by supporting the health of your scalp and hair, from reducing product buildup and removing dead skin cells to stimulating hair growth by promoting blood circulation. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about scalp massage for hair growth and hair health in general. You’ll also learn why scalp massages are so good for your overall health.

1. Encourages a Relaxed and Uplifted Mood

Massages are commonly associated with the concept of relaxation. Massage has a slew of benefits for your overall health and wellness, including increased feelings of emotional wellness and relaxation, whether you get a deep tissue massage or a shoulder rub from a loved one. Head and scalp massage is no exception! According to research, a massage that focuses on your head and scalp is especially beneficial for improving your mental health and well-being. Receiving a scalp massage can help you relax and reduce stress.

According to hairstylist and scalp massager Triana Francois, scalp massages release serotonin, a hormone that aids in mood improvement. Using a scalp massager instead of your fingertips can boost the benefits of scalp massage. Because scalp massagers allow you to direct pressure and target the most sensitive parts of the scalp, your message will have a greater impact. Any time you can reduce tension is beneficial to your entire body including hair, so it is beneficial to include scalp massages in your anti-stress list right away.

2. Encourages Hair Growth

Scalp massages have long been associated with increased hair growth. People claim that scalp massage improved scalp wellness and alleviated some of the impediments to healthy, natural hair growth, resulting in visible improvements in hair length and health.
There is no scientific evidence to back up these claims. A 2016 study found that regular scalp massages resulted in thicker hair growth. Participants massaged their scalps for about four minutes per day for 24 weeks, resulting in visibly thicker, stronger hair growth. A 2019 study with 340 participants backed up those original findings by reproducing similar outcomes. To improve hair loss, the participants massaged their scalps twice a day, using similar scalp massage techniques. Approximately 69 percent of participants said the massages helped with their alopecia, reducing hair loss and encouraging new hair growth.

3. Tensions in Muscles are Reduced

Scalp tension is a real thing, and any hairstylist can right away tell if your head is stressed. But you won’t know until someone (or yourself) runs their fingers through your hair. “We tend to hold a lot of tension across our hairline, behind our ears, and in the neck; this is mostly due to stress and partly due to posture,” hairstylist and expert colorist Christophe Robin told

Scalp tension can cause blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow to the hair follicle. It can also interact with neck and back muscle tensions, causing migraines and back pain – symptoms exacerbated by the spinal strain caused by spending all day hunched over a computer keyboard.

Robin recommends getting regular scalp massages, which can be done by a friend, a loved one, or by yourself with the help of a scalp massager. Massagers should target the temples, as well as the area behind the neck and ears, to relieve scalp tension.

4. Enhances the Nervous System

You’d be surprised at how many benefits a simple scalp massage can provide to your central nervous system. Massage has been shown to improve the health and well-being of those suffering from nervous system diseases, with massagers reporting a wide range of beneficial effects for those receiving the massages.

While the majority of research on the effects of massage on the nervous system has been conducted on people suffering from degenerative diseases, the findings suggest that including regular massage in your wellness routine benefits people at all levels of nervous system functionality.

The benefits of scalp massage on the nervous system go far beyond the therapeutic effects of touch on the body, and you don’t need anyone’s assistance to reap the benefits! Using a scalp massager on yourself can help to support your nervous system by promoting healthy blood flow and circulation, optimizing your body’s natural healing abilities, and assisting your body in better balancing and harmonizing. Massage, including scalp massage, promotes feelings of well-being and bodily coherence, which can improve nervous system health and support your body’s functions.


Numerous studies have found that scalp massage has numerous therapeutic and general health benefits, there’s no reason not to massage your scalp regularly with your fingertips or a head and scalp massager.


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