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Best Guide To Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain With Stretches And Massage

Pain in the neck and shoulders is a frequent ailment that affects people of all ages. Pain in these places can be caused by improper sleeping arrangements or bad posture at work. Chronic pain can be relieved by stretching, exercise, and massage.

Stretches for Neck Pain

Here are some simple stretching exercises you may do at your desk to help relieve neck stiffness and headaches caused by physical stress at work.

Side Neck Stretch: Push your shoulders back and sit up straight. Tilt your head to the right side of your shoulder. Gently draw down with your right hand on the top of your head, bringing the right ear near the right shoulder and stretching the muscles on the left side. Do the same on the opposite side.

Forward Neck Stretch: Pull your head forward with both hands on the back of your head until your chin is nearly touching your collarbone and you’re looking at your chest. The muscles at the back of your neck should feel less tense.

Alternate Neck Stretch: Turn your head to the right slightly, put your hands on the back of your head, and pull forward until you’re staring at your right armpit. Do the same on the opposite side.

How to Massage Your Neck and Shoulders to Relieve Pain

Here are some simple neck and shoulder massage techniques you may do at home to ease the pain.

Techniques for Neck Massage

Circular Friction: Apply circular friction to the area between the spine and the shoulder blade with the circular friction method.

Gliding Stroke: Place both thumbs on the area between the spine and the shoulder blade and slide them down the muscle, providing pressure and following the shoulder blade’s route.

Shoulder Massage Techniques

Kneading Technique: Knead the shoulder with your thumb, then add the fingers of the opposite hand to help apply more pressure.

Circular Technique: Working in a circular motion up to the neck muscle, apply pressure on the shoulder with your fingertips.

Using Neck and Shoulder Massager

In today’s fast-paced society, everyone can’t work out every day or afford a massage therapist. In the quiet of your own home, a neck and shoulder massager can provide rapid pain relief. The following are some advantages of using a neck and shoulder massager.

  1. Reduce pain and discomfort naturally instead of taking pain relievers that have dangerous side effects.
  2. Provides relief for hard-to-reach areas like the back and sides of the neck
  3. Provides great relief from stress after a hard day’s work. Stress can lead to a lack of concentration, which in turn reduces your productivity at work.
  4. Easy Portability with which users can take a neck and shoulder massager wherever they go.
  5. The primary cause for stiffness in muscles is the build-up of lactic acid. A good massage will aid in the removal of this toxin while also increasing blood circulation in the affected area.
  6. An appointment with a massage therapist is a costly proposition. Finding an excellent neck and shoulder massager will save you time and money on massage appointments.
  7. People of all ages can benefit from a neck and shoulder massager.

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