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Your life and leisure time will be transformed with the Prime Massage chair. The massage chair provides a full massage with the help of its built-in airbags, whose pressure is constantly modified for the user’s comfort. The Prime Massage Chair comes with four massage hands, each of which has a built-in intelligent 3D function and is silent, adjustable, and mobile to deliver a full back massage.

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Additional Info
Prime Massage Chair– Designed for the entire family. The Prime Massage chair will change your life and leisure time

The Prime Massage Chair is equipped with 4 massage hands that have a built-in intelligent 3D function, furthermore, they are silent, adjustable, and mobile in order to provide a full back massage. 

Prime Massage Chair uses the new “L”-shaped massage system that runs on a 135 cm long curved rail, which is among the longest ones of its sort. The length of the massage rail guarantees a full body massage from head to knee through the lumbar area.

The massage chair offers a complete massage with the aid of its built-in airbags (at the level of the user’s shoulders, back, bottom, arms, and legs) the pressure of which is constantly varied for the comfort of the user

The massage chair uses a proprietary body scan function. This massage chair will adapt to the contour of your body to provide you with an exceptional cervical and reflex point therapy massage session, regardless of your height.

An efficient massage session starts with massaging the soles of the feet (reflex point therapy)

The Prime massage chair is equipped with reflex point therapy function, through which the foot massage is done with the aid of a triple roller system. This function is perfect for stimulating the nerve endings in the foot.

Reflex point therapy is an impressive massage type!
The chair provides the reflex point therapy via a plate that has mounted rollers on it. The legrest extends automatically in order to adapt to varying user heights. We recommend the use of the reflex point therapy function to users who have foot pains, or spend a lot of time standing.

Your Prime Massage Chair will soon become a beloved member of your family

Prime Massage Chair is equipped with a set of silent, mechanical, 3D-type massage hands, that move up and down, extend outward and retract, and swivel from side to side. The intelligent massage hands help detect the basic physical parameters of the user, namely the height and weight.

You will love using the Prime Massage Chair for relaxing massage sessions

By giving you the option of adjusting the massage mechanism, the massage chair’s technology proves its capacity of providing you with a fully personalized massage. You can select the distance between the massage rollers, or the preferred speed of the massage. You may opt for a deep neck massage or use the roller function to correct your posture.

Geared up with a Heating System

The heating mechanism increases the efficiency of the massage by eliminating the feeling of cold during wintertime or during the use of the massage chair in air-conditioned rooms during the summer.

Thanks to this leading industry built-in heating system, the Prime Massage Chair is one of the most complex massage chairs presently on the market. The back heating function uses carbon fiber as a source for providing infrared radiation.

The Prime Massage Chair is a massage chair that you will immediately love

The massage experience provided by the Prime Massage Chair model is impressive. The way in which it is able to relax its users is fantastic. – Its technology is used to alleviate lumbar and cervical pain.

Shoulder Massage with the use of airbags

The shoulder-level airbags are meant to position your body perfectly in the massage chair so as to maximize the efficiency of the massage in the paravertebral muscle area.

Arm massage with the use of airbags

The installed airbags follow the natural curves of your arms so the massage envelops your entire arm. The airbags of the Prime massage Chair will relax you and will reinvigorate your arms and palms.

Foot massage with the use of airbags

The footrest is equipped with airbags in order to pressure massage your feet.

Calf massage with the use of airbags

The airbags with varied shapes and sizes bundle your calves, ankles, and foot entirely and provide an unforgettable experience.

Activate the air pressure massage function which uses the airbags to stimulate the acupuncture pressure points. This function will relax your feet and rejuvenate your leg muscles.

Experience the movements of a tireless professional masseuse through the 12 automated programs and 6 types of massage provided by the Prime massage chair
The massage chair scans you and adapts to your body

The Prime Massage Chair model is equipped with an automated feature that recognizes the position of your shoulders. This system runs a scan before each massage to detect the height and the weight of each user in order to provide a custom-tailored massage experience.

3D roller system

Prime Massage Chair is equipped with a set of silent, mechanical, 3D-type massage hands, that move up and down, extend outward and retract, and swivel from side to side. The intelligent massage hands help detect the basic physical parameters of the user, namely the height and weight.

Remote control with designated storage space. Charging port for smart devices

Prime Massage Chair is equipped with a USB port to facilitate smart device charging.

Voice control

Order the massage chair to run the massage function you desire in the position you wish. You will be able to relax without having to control the massage chair with the remote control

Zero Gravity and control buttons

The new Prime Massage Chair gives you easy access to the control buttons. You don’t have to stop the massage cycle to change the massage position. You may stop the massage chair in any given position.

What is Zero Gravity?

This position gives you a sense of weightlessness so you may enjoy perfect relaxation. The new Prime Massage Chair is able to easily glide into the Zero Gravity position.

Zero Gravity Positions

In the Zero Gravity position, the thighs and calves are raised to the horizontal level of the shoulders. The body’s center of gravity is shifted and the gravitational pull is distributed equally on the entire surface of the body. This is the ideal massage position. Now is the time for you to experience the massage programs provided by this extraordinary massage chair.

Do you suffer from muscle pain?

The massage chair eases muscle tension, bone regeneration, the easing of muscle strain, and elimination of muscle tension all benefit from the stretching of the arms, back, and legs. This is done with the help of airbags in the shoulder, back, and leg areas.

The Prime massage chair is designed for a wide range of users. It has 12 automated massage programs, that provide quality massage experiences to customers with various needs.

Extending legrest

The leg rest automatically extends up to 15 centimeters according to the height of the user, which results in a thorough and complete massage adapted to the height of the user.

Calf Keading 

Now, with prime’s Calf Keading technology, you get an experience of a Swedish massage at home. By applying varying pressure to the user’s muscles and connective tissue it replicates the Swedish massage technique giving you the exact same experience. Moreover, the special thermo-rollers embedded in your feet to boost the blood circulation to the optimum level gets the overall feet to calf experience even better.

5 cm wall clearance – Intelligent space saver function

The massage chair is designed for small spaces, so you only need 5 cm clearance from the wall for unhindered operation. The seat of the massage chair will slide forward without the back touching the wall behind it.

Pleasing form. Functional design

The dynamic form of this massage chair was designed as a response to the needs of customers who wish to save space in their homes. This model is ideal for homes, apartments, and office spaces even if the space is fairly limited.

Product Specifications
Auto modes12
Massage techniquesTapping, Rolling, Kneading, Tapping + Kneading, Shiatsu , 3D Shiatsu, Knocking, Clapping
Control padLCD Remote Control
Air bags36
Voice controlYes
Weight capacity220 Kgs
Speakers3D Bluetooth surround speakers
Track136cm SL Track
HeatingGraphene heating on back and feet
Power supply240w
Available colorBlack, Brown
Warranty36 Months
ShippingFree shipping nationwide
Additional Info

Black, Blue, Brown



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