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Welcome to the Future of Relaxation: V-Back Ultra Massage Cushion Crafted in Korea with cutting-edge Korean technology, the V-Back Ultra massage cushion redefines the art of relaxation. Our innovative design utilizes bendable elastic movement, inspired by the natural expansion of body pressure. This unique feature ensures a perfect fit to the contours of your body, delivering a massage experience that is both intimate and profound.

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Experience the Difference
Unmatched Comfort

The V-Back Ultra adapts to your body’s unique shape, providing a personalised massage experience.

Deeper Relief

With its bendable elastic movement, our cushion reaches deep into muscles, alleviating tension and promoting relaxation.

Optimal Wrap

Inspired by movement, our design seamlessly contours to your body, enveloping you in soothing comfort.

Indulge in relaxation like never before with the V-Back Ultra massage cushion. Elevate your well-being and embrace a new standard of comfort today.

Discover the Ultimate in Massage Comfort : V-Back Ultra with Enhanced Design and Expanded Coverage

Introducing the V-Back Ultra, meticulously designed to revolutionize your massage experience. With an impressive array of 8 massage heads, our cushion offers an expansive massage area of up to 800mm², doubling the coverage of traditional two-headed massagers.

Unparalleled Comfort:

Enhanced Coverage

The V-Back Ultra’s innovative design ensures a larger massage area, effectively targeting more areas of tension and promoting deeper relaxation.

Versatile Application

With its flexible movement, this cushion is suitable for all parts of the body, providing customizable relief wherever you need it most.

Stylish and Functional

Featuring a sleek Korean minimalist design, the V-Back Ultra seamlessly blends into any space, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

Elevate your relaxation routine with the V-Back Ultra massage cushion—a perfect blend of superior design, enhanced comfort, and exceptional value. Experience the difference today and indulge in the luxury of complete relaxation.

The V-Back Ultra is not your average massage cushion—it’s a powerhouse of relaxation, boasting 8 massage heads strategically positioned to knead and soothe muscles simultaneously. With four sets of massage heads mimicking the sensation of four hands, it delivers a deeply satisfying massage experience from the back all the way to the waist.

Unirivalled Comfort & Support
  • Simulated Four-Hand Massage : Feel the tension melt away as the V-Back Ultra’s eight massage heads work harmoniously, relieving multiple muscle groups.
  • Tailored Relief : Our cushion features three specialized modes to target different areas of the back
Neck and Shoulder Massage

Alleviates tension in the shoulder and neck muscles, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation

Lumbar Massage

Kneads the lumbar muscles and waist, offering relief from lower back discomfort and promoting better posture.

Hip Massage

Soothes the lower spine, easing tension and enhancing overall comfort.

Designed for Your Well-Being
Elastic Support

Our cushion’s elastic design provides robust support to the lower back, ensuring optimal comfort and stability during each massage session.

Versatile Usage

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or seeking relief from muscle fatigue, the V-Back Ultra offers versatile use to cover the entire back, catering to your specific needs with precision.

Experience the epitome of relaxation with the V-Back Ultra—a versatile and adjustable massage cushion designed to melt away tension and restore vitality after a long day. Within just 20 minutes of use, immerse yourself in a world of tranquility as our cushion effortlessly unwinds the stresses accumulated from hours of sedentary work.

Unmatched Comfort and Convenience
Tailored Relief

Our cushion is engineered to deliver an even and soothing massage experience, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine techniques. Each rotation, knead, and press is meticulously crafted to provide holistic relaxation, rejuvenating your body and mind.

Flexible and Adjustable

With its flexible design, the V-Back Ultra adapts to your body’s unique contours, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness. Easily adjust the settings to target specific areas of tension, including the neck, waist, back, abdomen, and legs, for a truly personalized relaxation experience.

Multifunctional Solution

Versatile in its design, our device offers a comprehensive solution for full-body relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you’re seeking relief from tight muscles, stress, or fatigue, the V-Back Ultra is your go-to companion for revitalization and well-being.

Discover the Ultimate in Massage Comfort : V-Back Ultra with Enhanced Design and Expanded Coverage

Unwind in ultimate comfort with the V-Back Ultra—an innovative massage cushion featuring a thermostatic hot compress function designed to elevate your relaxation experience. Say goodbye to tension and hello to enhanced blood circulation, as this feature caters to the unique needs of different body areas, promoting a deeper sense of relaxation and facilitating a more restful sleep.

Skin-Friendly and Warm:
Enhanced Comfort

Crafted with premium POM skin-friendly materials, including imitation cashmere and air layer fabric, the V-Back Ultra ensures maximum comfort against the skin. Say hello to durability, breathability, and unparalleled softness as you indulge in a massage experience like no other.

Thermostatic Hot Compress

Our cushion’s thermostatic hot compress function provides targeted warmth, soothing tired muscles and promoting blood flow for enhanced relaxation. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or preparing for a restful night’s sleep, this feature is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Versatile Usage

With its cool, sweat-proof properties, the V-Back Ultra is perfect for use in any environment, offering unparalleled comfort and relaxation wherever you go.

Discover Unrivaled Relaxation with V-Back Ultra

Experience the epitome of relaxation with V-Back Ultra—a massage pillow that’s taking New Zealand by storm. Crafted with precision and expertise, this innovative device is expertly designed to target tense areas, providing unparalleled relief that locals can’t stop raving about.

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